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19 May 2015

How To Stand Out -- good advice from story coach Lisa Bloom

I first met Lisa back in 2009 when I was on a storytelling tour of the Holy Land. Lisa's a great storyteller herself and a wonderfully supportive coach who has helped many people--including myself--to use their stories to build their business and attract the sort of clients you know you can help. Here, she reminds us of the importance of standing out from the crowd. Want to make a difference? Follow Lisa's 5 important keys.

How to Stand Out 

It was a huge adventure. My first time in America. My first really long flight. My first bout of jet lag. My first supermarket that was bigger than any store I had ever seen, probably about 10x the size of a regular Irish supermarket. 

We decided to play safe. A loaf of bread. 

Finally after walking what felt like 2 miles, we found the bread aisle. I couldn’t believe it, rows and row of bread. I was used to the local shop where you could chose, between 3 brands. Here there seemed to be 3000 brands. 

I didn’t know where to start. It was overwhelming. It was confusing. I couldn’t tell the difference between them. 

All these years later, I’m reminded of that moment because I see how hard it is to stand out. No matter what your business, but especially if you’re a coach, it’s really hard to be chosen, to be that tasty loaf that someone prefers! 

So what do you do to stand out? Well here are 5 solid ways to make your business the one that your ideal client chooses: 

Know Your Client - figure out who you really want to serve. 

Know What They Want - what they’d give an arm and a leg to ‘fix’ in their lives. 

Know Your Offer - no, not coaching but the transformation that your coaching will give them. 

Know Your Story - what gives you the credibility and gives them the confidence that you are the right person to work with. 

Know How To Tell Your Story - so that your ideal client is attracted to YOU, fascinated by your story and ready to sign up! 

If you get really clear on these 5 crucial steps - you will stand out. You will be successful, you will transform your business. Which of these 5 steps do you need to focus on this week? Share it here .

And if you would like to fast-track these steps and many more in order to build a coaching business that stands out, click here http://yourstoryisyoursuccess.com/cinderella 

Copyright Lisa Bloom 2015

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Lisa Bloom, founder of Story Coach, supports organizations, entrepreneurs & coaches to use storytelling as a powerful approach to impact their clients and grow their business. She is a professional Storyteller & Speaker, accredited Coach, Author, Mentor and Leadership expert. Lisa is the author of the Amazon best-seller "Cinderella and the Coach-the Power of Storytelling for Coaching Success!" and the creator of the Business Story Mastery & Certified Story Coach Programs. She is delighted to offer you the FREE ebook "Using Stories to Get Great Clients" at http://www.story-coach.com

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