"Become aware what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it and give birth to it." - Meister Eckhart

16 September 2016

Day 13 - the 21-Day Attitude for Gratitude Challenge

Well, we're over half-way through the 21-Day Attitude for Gratitude Challenge. How are you feeling? Has your attention to gratitude, appreciations, and kindness made an impact on you?

The point of a 21-day challenge of this sort is to help develop a habit or attitude that will make a positive difference in your life. One way I've found that helps reinforce my attitude for gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal in which I note and reflect on those things for which I am grateful. Another habit I practise occurs at the end of the day before I go to sleep. I reflect on my day and identify 3 acts of kindness or people for which I am grateful. I find that I fall asleep much easier with such positive thoughts in my mind.

And upon waking I will reflect on 3 positive aspects of myself or loved ones for which I'm grateful. That helps get me off to a great start to the day. Try it. What do you have to lose?

Have a great-ful day!

In gratitude,


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