"Become aware what is in you. Announce it, pronounce it, produce it and give birth to it." - Meister Eckhart

11 February 2019

"Love is in the Air"

Carol Day
This month, I have invited guest blogger Carol Day to contribute her reflections on Valentine's Day. Carol is the founder of the Centre for Creative Vision, based in Newport-on-Tay in Fife, Scotland.

It is Valentine’s time: Love is in the air and the Muse is in town. You can sense her mulling down the malls, slinking through the trees. She rests for a minute in the kitchen of the house across the worlds where she adjusts the dial on the radio of life. She can widen the air waves and let herself even more in. Squeeze. She is here. Will she meet you in the subliminal bar in your dreamtime or will she secretly stir your tea with the silver spoon of inspiration, causing you to tilt your head in a new direction to see the world anew? However she moves this time, she opens that drawer in your mind you have been waiting all of this time to have opened. And suddenly, without realising it you are with her in story again.

At last you can drink from the vats of the mythical. All of these cut off things that you have been stuck with can find their brothers and sisters again. They can be brought back to wholeness.

Rumi says, ‘Be Drunk in Love, since love is all that exists’. I think it is this longing to be met and to be complete that the muse takes us to and that ultimately takes us back into the story realms.

I am Carol Day. I am a lover of story. Not as you would expect maybe. I am not Mrs Story or anything like that. But rather I am a silent lover of story who follows the muse to chase the endings of this affair that is the healing essence of life.

Michael invited me to write the Guest Blog for this Valentine edition. So I invited the Muse to write through me to show our love for this story world we play in.

I have been running the project that is now called The Centre of Creative Vision for the last 10 years. The ethos of the project runs with the muse. It holds the vision of a world of connection and creative flow. I have been leading trainings with practitioners on visionary shamanic, story, psychotherapy, constellation and nature oriented projects. Presently, I am completing a course called the Story Apprentice with its second intake of people and am launching a 100 day online programme with the trees and story at the end of February. I have a story workshop coming up in Edinburgh later this year and hold new Visionary trainings that work with a story telling and theatre element here in Fife and online. I am also writing a novel about the mythical me and the mythology of the land here on Dragon Hill.

Get creative this Valentine's Day
Story is the lover’s web. What I have found is that if you listen to story and listen to yourself at the same time then you can learn its ways through your ways. This is the secret a teacher of story must hold. We trust, we weave and we trust the weave in all who come to work with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

with blessings,

Carol Day

The Centre for Creative Vision Newport-on-Tay, Fife, Scotland



"We have received only very positive reports of your workshop, and must thank you for being so flexible and responsive both before and in the course of implementing the workshop. It has been lovely to work with you. . . . We are hopeful this project will give rise to future storytelling endeavours, and would be very happy to work with you again if the opportunity arises!" Muireann Crowley, At Home in Scotland, University of Edinburgh, May 2014 ("Storytelling, Research and Public Engagement" workshop)

Michael Williams is a a storyteller of compelling skill. He is also a fine human being who engages in all situations and draws people into the warmth of communication and shared experience." Donald Smith, Director, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh Scotland

"Michael's understanding of storytelling within a leadership and business context has helped us provide a great service in helping leaders determine their personal and organisational destiny and legacy. Working with Michael is inspiring and fun; and pulls you to be fully engaged from start to finish." Norton Bertram-Smith, Managing Director and Leadership Consultant for On Purpose.

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